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Welcome to our Rec Road Radio page! We aim to broadcast on a Friday afternoon at 2.30pm approx. If you missed the live show, don't worry you can listen again with the recordings on this page. Happy listening :)


Postcode: NR2 3PA Telephone: 01603457120 Email: Contact name: Louise Stone

Listen Again

Rec Road Radio Internet Safety 15.2.19
Do you know how to keep yourself safe when using the computer? Uploaded on 21st Feb, 15:19
Rec Road Radio Break Charity 8.2.19
When is the duck race? Uploaded on 8th Feb, 16:47
Rec Road Radio Chinese New Year 1.2.19
Here comes the dragon! Uploaded on 8th Feb, 16:27
Rec Road Radio Animal Sounds 18.1.19
Can you guess what that sound is? Uploaded on 18th Jan, 21:50
Rec Road Radio Milk Quiz 11.1.19
How many stomachs does a cow have? Uploaded on 14th Jan, 17:05
Rec Road Radio Christmas Problem Phone In 14.12.18
Find out who rang us!! Uploaded on 14th Jan, 17:00
Rec Road Radio Crossword Quiz 30.11.18
What is the mixed up word? Uploaded on 3rd Dec, 13:47
Rec Road Radio Unique Week 23.11.18
How long will your fingernails grow in a year? Tune in and find out! Uploaded on 24th Nov, 13:52
Rec Road Radio Children in Need 16.11.18
What animal is Pudsey? If you know the answer why not listen to our quiz! Uploaded on 16th Nov, 17:04
Rec Road Radio Owls Music Request Show 6.7.18
What song will you choose? Uploaded on 9th Jul, 18:20
Rec Road Radio Swans Expert of the Week 29.6.18
How much do you know about ipads? Uploaded on 2nd Jul, 18:05
Rec Road Radio Magpies World Cup Quiz 22.6.18
Who found the world cup? Uploaded on 28th Jun, 16:51
Rec Road Radio Swans Friendship Clan 15.6.18
Listen to find out what to do if you are feeling lonely at playtime :) Uploaded on 17th Jun, 13:20
Rec Road Radio Wrens Wombles Quiz 8.6.18
What does Orinoco like doing? Uploaded on 10th Jun, 20:55
Rec Road Radio Riddles Show 25.5.18
What is wrinkly? Listen and find out!! Uploaded on 25th May, 15:54
Rec Road Radio Litter Show 11.5.18
Find out what we are doing to help the environment! Uploaded on 14th May, 18:12
Rec Road Radio General Knowledge Quiz 27.4.18
What is the new royal baby called? Uploaded on 8th May, 16:02
Rec Road Radio Hare Costume Winner 28.3.18
Which costume will our hare be dressed in? Tune in and find out! Uploaded on 29th Mar, 07:00
Rec Road Radio Hare Quiz 16.3.18
How much do you know about hares? We've got a Gogo Hare so thought we'd learn about them. Uploaded on 16th Mar, 16:31
Rec Road Radio Internet Safety Show 02.02.18
Why not take our quiz to see how you know about keeping yourself safe on the computer? Uploaded on 3rd Feb, 18:26
Rec Road Radio Welcome Back Show 19.1.18
Welcome back everyone!!! Uploaded on 19th Jan, 16:04
Rec Road Radio Crows End of Year Show 20.07.17
Can you guess our mystery word? Uploaded on 26th Jul, 16:44
Rec Road Radio Blackbirds Percussion Quiz 07.07.17
What instruments can you hear? Uploaded on 12th Jul, 20:28
Rec Road Radio Swans Riddle Show 30.6.17
What animal lives in murky water? Have a guess!! Uploaded on 3rd Jul, 17:13
Rec Road Radio Chaffinches Refugee Show 23.6.17
How much do you know about being a refugee? Uploaded on 25th Jun, 18:11
Rec Road Radio Swifts Music Show 16.6.17
Which Take That song will we play in honour of their Norwich concert? Uploaded on 21st Jun, 18:16
Rec Road Radio Magpies Bingo Show 9.6.17
What number is unlucky for some people? Uploaded on 12th Jun, 16:40
Rec Road Radio Robins Paint Show 19.5.17
Can you guess what the clever Robins used to make their paint? Uploaded on 29th May, 13:45
Rec Road Radio Swallows Yoga Show 12.5.17
Can you do the cat pose? Uploaded on 12th May, 16:31
Rec Road Radio Bird Quiz 5.5.17
Which bird has a yellow and green kit? Uploaded on 8th May, 14:27
Rec Road Radio Short Quiz 21.4.17
What is the Prime Ministers name? Uploaded on 21st Apr, 16:39
Rec Road Radio Red Nose Day 24.3.17
What colour is a strawberry? Uploaded on 24th Mar, 18:53
Rec Road Radio Music Choice Show 17.3.17
What will you choose? Uploaded on 17th Mar, 15:56
Rec Road Radio Magpies Book Quiz 10.3.17
Was Elmer an elephant or a hippo? Uploaded on 10th Mar, 17:57
Rec Road Radio General Knowledge Quiz 24.2.17
Who is the new President of America? Uploaded on 24th Feb, 18:39
Rec Road Radio Internet Safety Show 10.2.17
Do you know how to keep yourself safe when using the internet? Uploaded on 11th Feb, 16:45
Santa Calls Rec Road Radio 2017
Can you believe who rang us? Uploaded on 4th Feb, 14:16
Rec Road Radio Chinese New Year 3.2.17
Gung hei fat choy! Uploaded on 4th Feb, 14:03
Rec Road Radio Crossword Quiz 20.1.17
Will you know all the answers? Uploaded on 20th Jan, 16:41
Rec Road Radio Merry Christmas 16.12.16
Listen to our lovely singing :) Uploaded on 12th Jan, 18:19
Rec Road Radio Mystery Voice 9.12.16
Snowmen update plus mystery voice quiz! Uploaded on 9th Dec, 16:58
Rec Road Radio Save the Snowmen 2.12.16
Do you know where the snowmen are? Uploaded on 2nd Dec, 20:21
Rec Road Radio Swans Titanic Quiz 25.11.16
Did the Titanic have a heated swimming pool? Uploaded on 26th Nov, 19:35
Rec Road Radio Children In Need 18.11.16
How much do you know about Pudsey? Uploaded on 19th Nov, 12:44
Rec Road Radio Sound Quiz 11.11.16
Can you recognise these sounds? Uploaded on 11th Nov, 17:26
Rec Road Radio Firework Show 4.11.16
Find out who won the Digital Leader logo competition plus lots of tips on how to be safe on bonfire night! Uploaded on 5th Nov, 11:49
Rec Road Radio Surprise Request Show 21.10.16
Whose class will choose today? Uploaded on 21st Oct, 16:12
Rec Road Radio Magpies Odd One Out Quiz 14.10.16
Can you guess which is the odd one out? Uploaded on 14th Oct, 16:31
Rec Road Radio Food Quiz 30.9.16
What shape is a pizza normally? Uploaded on 30th Sep, 14:58
Rec Road Radio Animal Crossword 23.9.16
Can you guess what the animals are? Uploaded on 23rd Sep, 15:05
Rec Road Radio Welcome Back 16.9.16
Welcome back everyone - let's dance!!! Uploaded on 16th Sep, 15:08
Rec Road Radio Digital Leader Announcement 16.9.16
Who are the new Digital Leaders and Helpers? Listen and find out! Uploaded on 16th Sep, 13:52