Community blogs

9th Aug

A BIG thank you to those who kindly shared our Crowdfunder campaign over the summer holiday.

10th Mar

It has become the focus of every serious minded government to be as inclusive as possible. One of the major ways this is being achieved is by giving attention and consideration to the marginalized members of the society. This has, for a long time, included the young people who are relegated to the background as decisions are frequently made. Thankfully, we now know better and the good times are here.

21st Feb

The world operates on hierarchy and most of these are harmless as they help us achieve strategic national and global goals. However, when differences become fundamental and begin to determine our status in a limiting way, there is a problem- one that needs to be solved fast.

16th Feb

The world out there is scary, views are rosy, perspectives are coloured, ideas are shaped; it seems everything exists within boundaries. That is what makes the world scary; the thought that maybe there is more to what we see than meets the eye.